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Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct and support strategic legal research that mitigates existential risk and promotes the flourishing of future generations.

Our Goals

Foundational Research

Our primary goal is to conduct foundational research. By doing so, we aim to determine which problems legal researchers should work on in order to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. Our approach focuses on the protection of future generations.

Outreach & Community Building

We aim to raise awareness about our concern for the long-term future and build a global community that shares this concern. Establishing longtermism in law will be a key part of this process. We want to bring together researchers and policy-makers at every level of seniority and support the most effective ways to use the law to protect future generations.


We aim to identify and support impactful litigation efforts that have the potential to mitigate existential risk and protect future generations.

Informing Policy

In order to inform policy decisions, we are committed to engaging in non-research activities and to conducting research that could positively shape the long-term future while also having near-term policy implications. We also encourage top legal talent to work in policy and bring a longtermist perspective to policy-making.

Our Story

Fall 2018

Idea was born at the EA Group at Harvard Law School

August 2019

First draft of research agenda

February 2020

Legal Priorities Seminar at Harvard Law School

May 2020

Registration as 501(c)(3) nonprofit

July 2020

Start of first Summer Research Fellowship

January 2021

Publication of research agenda

February 2021

Start of the Legal Priorities Lab series

May 2021

Start of second Summer Research Fellowship

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