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The Legal Priorities Project is an independent, global research project founded by researchers from Harvard University. We conduct legal research that tackles the world’s most pressing problems – we call this “legal priorities research.”

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We aim to establish “legal priorities research” as a new research field. We currently focus on four cause areas: law and governance of advanced artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, institutional design, and meta-research. Our research is influenced by the principles of effective altruism and the longtermism paradigm.

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Podcast episode on legal priorities research

LPP Director Christoph Winter was featured on an episode of the podcast Hear This Idea where he talked about:

  • Our global survey of legal academics about protecting future generations;
  • How constitutional law might best help in this effort;
  • Abstract endangerment of humanity and the "risk of creating risk";
  • What LPP’s research and community-building efforts currently look like;
  • And lots more!

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New Working Paper Series

We recently launched a Working Paper Series on SSRN to disseminate our research more widely within the legal academic community. It includes some very recent pieces produced by our teammates and affiliates.

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Office hours

Join our bi-weekly office hours, a 45-minute meeting open to anyone who wants to get in touch and talk directly to LPP staff. You can ask us questions, give us feedback, or share your ideas with us in this informal, unstructured discussion space.

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Upcoming talks in our Legal Priorities Lab

We have many exciting events coming up as part of our Legal Priorities Lab.

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